These, are the thoughts I think.
I think a lot so i'm hoping this will develope nicely.
I warn you I ramble.
I caution that i talk in circles.
I don't make sense.
I speak vaguely.
However, i hope to provoke thought in my readers even if they've no inkling as to what i've actually said.
So here is my mind, in a nutshell. Enjoy.


This, is how I do. These are the results of a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. I don’t diet and exercise, I eat and train. But I wasn’t always so knowledgeable, passionate, and consistent. I just had some problem areas I wanted to fix, and the tools to do so. My 5 year fitness journey has evolved from a means to an end to a means of living, and has branched out far beyond fitness. As a newer coach for Beachbody, the company I for a long time didn’t realize was supporting all of my successes, I wish to give what I have been given; freedom. I know now that the only limits I have are those I’ve put on myself and each time I surpass my goals I’m reminded of that. It took me half a decade to get to where I am, and though I know it was necessary for me and I am grateful, I know that if I had someone there to hold me accountable, to remind me that I can, that I’m worth it, I might have realized that a whole lot sooner. I’m not looking to change the world for all, but if I can help change the world of a few, I’ve done enough. #x2 #progress #abs #beachbody #coach #fitsperation


I can feel every word I don’t say
beating at the cavity of my chest

but who am I to let it go,
and who am I-?

My bones aren’t what’s fragile it’s my tendons, the fibers
that attach the rest of me
When I emerge they’ll be in tact,
but what’s an unbroken resolve to do with its unbroken, floppy…

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I remember the year in waves, swirls, feelings,
not in concrete events.
Though I had many blessed experiences.

I got both of my reiki attunements
this year,
has been a purging of negativity.
Learning to go with the flow,
let go,
of fear.
and have a chosen…


Kylie Jenner

By Florian Schüppel